Monday, April 16, 2007

MGM Will Offer Its Films on iTunes

This article is about MGM offering its films on Itunes now. The deal was announced on Wednesday , and builds the iTunes catalog to more than 500 movies. They are offering movies like "Mad Max", "Rocky," and will add other movies to iTunes in coming weeks.
Apple's online store began offering movie downloads in September. The company started the feature initially with films from Walt Disney, but they have also signed deals with other major studios since then. Some of them include Paramount Pictures and Lionsgate Entertainment. The only one that is missing from iTunes are films from Sony Pictures, Universal Studios and Warner Brothers which have already started distributing movies to other services such as Wal-mart Stores and
iTunes still regins as the world's most popular online movie store with more than two million movies sold.
Most movies on iTunes ar 9.99 to download. The exception is to older movies which are 4.99 to download.

I think that this is a great idea. I also think that Sony, WB, and the other companies that have not jumped on the bandwagon need to. Not only is this good for Apple it is also advertising for the other companies that is giving permission to download them onto I-Pods. I have an I-pod and love to download all kinds of movies on there. It is very convenient and it saves a lot of time instead of downloading them and using the program to convert it onto your I-pod. More and more people are getting video I-pods now because they offer so many great things to watch. I think that having one with movies on it is great to watch on planes and car rides. As far as offering movies, I think that the other major companies that need to do so. Then there will definitely be some competition. They almost have everything on iTunes except show for the much younger audiences. I am sure within the next year they might have some on there.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Radio Host Is Suspended Over Racial Remarks

This article is about radio host Don Imus. He was suspended for two weeks yesterday after the outcry over his racially disparaging remarks about the Rutgers University women’s basketball team. NBC news which does a simulcast broadcast of Mr. Imus's radio program was the first to act in susupending him. They called his comments racist and abhorrent. NBC also served a notice yesterday that the would not tolerate insensitive remarks in the future. Mr. Imus had promised to change the tenor, or tone of the show and had agreed that the suspension was appropriate. NBC stated that their future relationship with Imus is his contingent on his ability to live up to his word.

Mr. Imus also said he wanted to try to see id they'll forgive me and if there is something that can be established here that I can do to begin to build something positive out of this. Mr. Al Sharpton came on his show yesterday and and called for Mr. Imus to be fired, threatening to initiate a boycott of sponsors, and demanding that the FCC take action agains him and radio stations that carry his program. The “Imus in the Morning” program is popular in New York, where it reaches about a half million listeners on the radio station WFAN. Mr. Imus is an employee of CBS, but WFAN is the only CBS station to carry the program.
His suspension will not begin on Monday because Mr. Imus had scheduled a telethon to benefit research into a cure for sudden infant death syndrome and neither outlet wanted to hurt that cause.
Mr. Imus has been known for showing a pattern of racially charged remarks. He also stated in his apology that his remarks was an attempt at humor that had failed miserably.

My opinion on this guy is that he is a jerk. I personally didn't know who he was until this whole thing came undone. My father, and I were watching the news together yesterday, and he knew this guy before he even came on the news. My dad said he is a jerk that needed to be fired 10 years ago. My thoughts are if you are going to say something like that then you better have a good reason for saying it. To me he sounds like a racist pig who just wanted attention. However even though he does charity for cancer organzations that still doens't give him the power or even leverage to say something like that. Now I truly understand Al Sharpton's point of view, but I don't think that there was any reason at all for him to be caught in the mix. I can honestly say now that I really understand in broadcasting that everything you say is very important and critical, and needs to be dealt with like that. I also think that the two week suspension is not going to do anything for him. His track record is not that great and this has not been the first time that he has said something like this.
What does this say about our media? That some guy on a radio broadcasting show can get on there and not get fired. I think that NBC should have zero tolerance for that kind of garbage. It could be as easy as saying if you say those things then you are fired. Hopefully this will be the last time he says something like that. There is no need to bring race or color in to this situation. We are all the same thing which is human beings. I don't know why he feels like he needs to resort to being racist. One day soon, I am sure he will get his.

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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

And Now, a Commercial Break That Doesn’t Seem Like One

This article is about making commericals better on ABC. Their goal is to encourage viewers to stick around rather than getting up for a snack, or stop watching altogether. The recently had a meeting to show some of their ideas and ways to hold the auidence the best that they can. They want to bring the audiences right to the commercial so they dont feel they have gone into the commercial said Mr. Michael Shaw the president for sales and marketing at ABC.
His theory is the more commericals that are being seen the more value you are to the advertisers.
If ABC changes how they show, and present commercials breaks during big shows like Lost, and Desperate Housewives, and Grey's Anatomy they get more viewers, and more people that will like to advertise and have their commercials on there. CW is selling commercials that resemble programs with the sponsor's products incorporated into the plots.
On cable tv such as VH1 they are putting snippets and spots ina way that it is intended to lead the viewers through the commerical pods to the moment the show came back.
Without change they don't know how long television can be sustainable as an adverstising medium said Andrew Jung senior director for advertising and media services and the Kellogg Company. The bottom line is that they need a way to attract the viewers and make them want to watch commericals!

My opinion on this whole subject is I hate commercials. I am going to say Thank God for DVR's because without them then; I would have to be forced to watch commercials. Now all you have to do is click on one button and it goes to the show and no commercials. I know that back in the day you would fast forward it which took so much time. I am happy that we have DVR's now. I am thinking that in order for people to be intreseted in these commercials they better catch the viewers eye somehow. Like they said in the article maybe if they put famous celebrity's in the commericals like Patrick Dempesy then more people would watch. I personally would. I also know that a lot of my friends, and I watch a ton of TV and commercials are such a pain and sometimes we tape the show just so we don't have to sit through commercials. They better start thinking of good ideas, and ways to advertise or they are going to be hurting bad in the advertising and commercial area. What does that mean for people who want to advertise things. When I am forced to sit through a show; I see the same advertisment at least four times and that bugs the crap out of me. So the solution is to think of a better more appealing way or they are going to lose viewers altogther.
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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

1,000 Journalists Killed in 10 Years While Reporting

This article is about journalists that have been killed while reporting the news over the past 10 years. The victims are men mostly and are more likely to be shot and killed while investigating local issues instead of reporting from the battlefield. Since 2000 the annual tool has increased with 147 dying in 2005 followed by 167 fatalities last year. The three deadliest countries were Iraq, Russia, and Colombia. They think that killing a reporter is risk free. Most of the murders have never been prosecuted. The way I see it is what kind of message is that sending to people who want to become reporters? it seems to me that people who take these tasks head on like going to different part of the country really need to consider going before they leave. Another thing I don't understand is why do they only act that way over there? How come that stuff doesn't happen as much over here in the USA? How does this look on us? I think that it is crazy to think of that many people dying just because they were a reporter. Just think closely what kind of society do we live in today? It is just sad and depressing. That is all .

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Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Microsoft Attacks Google on Copyright

This article is about Microsoft and they are going to take a blistering attack on rival Google. They argued that web search leader took a cavalier approach to copyright protection. Associate general counsel of Microsoft Thomas Rubin argues that Google's move into new media markets has come at the expense of publishers of book, videos and software. Rubin also argues that companies create no content of their own, and make money solely on the backs of other people's content, are ranking in billions through advertising revenue and IPOs. Google takes the position that everything may be freely copied unless the copyright owner notifies Google and tells them to stop. He also invoked criticism that Google has faced since its acquisition of YouTube, which has come under fire from media companies for allowing copyright infringement of professionally produces video. David Drummond Google's senior vice president for corporate said in response that Google worked with more than 10,000 publishing partners to make books searchable online and recently added the BBC and YouTube, and NBA as video partners.

I think that if there is no consent or form saying that you have permission to use something then it should not be taken from.Copyright infringement is starting to become a huge deal especially when it comes to websites such as YouTube, and things of that nature. I think that Google should have some kind of documentation showing that they did have permission and didn't just steal or take something. The whole copyright thing as a whole to me is starting to get out of hand. I can understand the major broadcasting companies trying to keep what rightfully belongs to them, but still even then people don't care and do things anyways. I also think that the laws for copyright need to become more enforced so maybe then it will stop happening as often.

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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

MySpace: A way to Promote Yourself and Your Music???

This article is about a singer named Tila Nguyen who became famous last year for having 1.7 million friends on myspace. She is now trying to break into the mainstream music industry with her song I love you that is produced by rapper Lil Jon. They are trying to find out what the social networking and the music sales and see if they both have anything to do with each other. They are also trying to see if it will help boost her popularity. Myspace is known for so many bands posting their music, and trying to be known and become famous. Ms. Tequila has rejected many offers by record companies, and hopes to get famous by myspace alone. They are a few things that make them nervous with trying it out because it has never been done before. Now they will get to know her and her music. The only difference with her is that she does not have a history as a recording artist online that matches her popularity as a personality online. They are reluctant, but hope that everything works out just fine.

I think that Myspace is very addictive. I have one, and I am on it constantly. There are so many different things that you can do on there. Some things are like searching music, looking at new pictures, leaving comments, bulletins. Although I must say that everyone thinks just because they post their band they are going to become famous in 2 weeks. I know of one band that I read in a recent article of Rolling Stone did that and now they are known worldwide. The band is named Panic! At the Disco! I love them. Even though they said it hasn't been done the band said part of their fame came from myspace. I am just saying that because she is popular by her looks, and personality does not mean that she is also going to win them over when it comes to music. Myspace is for friends, and people to communicate easier and quicker. It is also used for music but not to really put yourself out there like some people tend to do. All I am saying is that not everyone can be a star overnight. Myspace is not the way to go about doing it, but if that is the way she wants it then what does she have to lose? Myspace has also become a huge deal in the media. People use it for everything it seems like. Advertising things, bands, jobs anything and everything you can imagine. It is a shame that we are all looking on myspace now for entertainment value and for many other purposes.

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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

JetBlue Begins Reimbursing Stranded Passengers

This article is about Jet Blue and how they left tons of passengers stranded at the JFK airport in New York this past week. Mr. David Neelman chief executive was humiliated and mortified by the issues. They have agreed to send everyone either a free flight in place of the inconvenience or just give them free flyer miles. Mr. Neelman has promised to get better management and train more staff to qualify and perform crucial functions, and buy equipment needed to avoid stranding passengers or delaying them. They have agreed to certain things. There are other things that can not be helped in any way such as weather, air traffic control, and maintenance problems. In the case of departures that are delayed one to two hours, for example, passengers would get $25 off a future flight.For a delay of two to four hours, the passenger would receive $50 off a future flight. With delays of more than six hours, passengers would be entitled to a free round-trip flight. Jet Blue canceled more than 1,000 flights during the last week. Mostly after Wednesday when the ice storm hit. Today Neelman says that they will be tracking crew on every canceled flight so they can easily redirect to another flight. The airlines inability to locate and assign new flights to a huge number of problems and is what caused the main delays.

I think that Jet Blue is way too cheap and for that reason I don't fly them. You know there is something wrong when they charge one way ticket's to New York for 72 dollars. That just doesn't make sense to me. I also thought when they first came out that they were too goo to be true. I knew there was always something fishy with that airline. I think that they are trying way to hard to compete with other airline and in the process they are ruining their rep. All I know is that they better get their act together unless they want to go out of business. I would rather pay more many for a flight I know that will get me to my destination rather than taking a cheap one and being stranded.

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Monday, February 12, 2007

Disney Profits Double on Strong DVD Sales of ‘Cars’ and ‘Pirates’

This article is about how Disney's sales have gone up in the past 6 months because of the new movie "Cars" and "Pirates of the Caribbean". They doubled on asset sales and income from the last two years. Net income rose to $1.7 billion or 79 cents a share. They also releases its earnings report after the market's close. Its shares gained 70 cents in after hours trading. Mr. Igar who took over as chief executive in October of 2005 is investing in theme parks and video game development. This will substation profit growth after net income surged 33 percent. Disney also built a website for kids to go on and look. It promotes and advertises for Disney and makes them want to go back for more. I believe that whatever Disney does they are doing a great job because there are still a ton of people who have learned to love it with them everyday. I also think that no matter which course or route Disney takes there will still be a ton of people buying their movies more and more everyday. The use strategy very well by advertising different places such as TV, computer, radio. These are all the closet thing other than the movie. Disney in my opinion will never die and there will always be plenty of people to go and come to make sure it is up and running. My only complaint is having more access for people who have disabilities.

Monday, February 5, 2007

Do Discounts Help Triple Profit??

This article is about Comcast discounting their initial rate to have cable set up. The company is based in Philly said they are splitting their stock 3 for 2 on Feb 21st. The net income totaled to 390 million or 18 cents a share and the year before it was 133 million or 6 cents a share. Then stock in Comcast fell $1.37 to $42.92 a share. Comcast projects revenue from its cable, Internet and phone business to increase by at least 12 percent this year compared to 2006. He said that the bundle packaged that they offered which was $99 a month for Internet and TV drove the business and expects it to only get better in 2007. the number of digital subscribers rose by 613,000 up from a year ago ending the year at 12.7 million. Comcast now serves 11.5 million broadband Internet customers.

I think that Comcast is doing very well, and advertising wisely. They always have ads in the paper, and on TV for the deals that they have for comcast. In that sense they are doing well. Now most of their ads show up on TV and attracts to the viewers that may not have cable Internet or DSL cable Internet. I know that a lot of people are hesitant to get cable Internet because it turns out eventually to be really expensive. My family has comcast, and we have cable Internet, and pay for the cable and Internet together. When we first got it about 4 years ago it started out expensive but then after they got some deals out we switched over to the better one, and then pay a flat rate a month. I am not saying that it is still not expensive either way but at least that it is cheaper than before. I believe that them advertising helps the business more and even if they have deals like free people installing it in their homes attracts new customers. Comcast is the major network provider here in Jacksonville. I think that one day another service provider is going to come and give them some major competition or they may already have some.

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Monday, January 29, 2007

Urging Teens to Rein in Careless Driving

This article is about studies that have shown that driving with passengers for adults is safer. On the other hand teenagers that are driving with others it is more dangerous and the risk factor is greater. Highways are trying to change that with a series of public service announcements that is intended to persuade teenagers that it is OK to complain of the driver is going to fast or wild. Studies show that teenage drivers are at higher risk being in fatal car crashed when the number of passengers rise. In a study conducted in 1998 by David F. Preusser found that 16 year old drivers who were along in a car were more than twice as likely to have a fatal crash as middle-aged drivers. If there were passengers then they were nearly five times as likely to have a fatal crash. Penny Wells president and executive director of SADD said that seeing ads that encourage teenagers to speak up. There are numerous of ads that are going on now and they are making it realistic so young people and other aged people can see the consequences of careless driving. Their main concern at this point is to get careless drivers off the road and to prevent less car crashes.

My whole take on this article is I think that it is a great idea to promote ads. At this point in time we as a society need all the help we can get with promoting safe driving. I also do agree with everyone in saying that it is a lot safer for younger adults to have less people in the car with them. I know myself I get distracted easily if I have people in the car with me. So that means that I would be more prone to get into a accident. I don't agree with the fact that older adults are not as prone because they can be in danger just as much as young adults if not more. For example, if they have kids in the back seat that they are trying to take care of at the same time while driving, or kids crying in the back seat. So they are just as likely to be driving carelessly if not more. We still need to take more steps into promoting safe driving which include no drinking and driving. The bottom line is no matter how much we may promote and advertise for safe driving there are still tons of people who die everyday for careless driving.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

NBC Says Ratings Are Gaining Momentum....

This article is talking about NBC and the recent changes that have been made in their morning lineup, daytime, and primetime lineup. They have been struggling for some time now, and at one point was said that Kevin Reilly was going to lose his job. He has had some new shows come on such as Heroes and other old ones that continue to create a buzz. They managed to have some of the same ratings as ABC and Fox. Since then they have dropped because the NFL is no longer broadcasted on NBC, and because of the returning hit show American Idol. Mr. Reilly has said in the past interviews that they are one show away from getting the ratings back. He believes that with the new Daytime lineup, and fall lineup with some new shows that NBC will get higher ratings. He is trying new things he said that a new show called Nobody's Watching was recently put on NBC website and has gotten on YouTube and has gained wide exposure. Their plan is to ultimatley put a batch of pilots on the internet and have the auidence weigh in on it, and get feedback from the viewers. The biggest area for concern currently is NBC Daytime Lineup. The recent announcment of the soap opera Passions being canceled, Mr. Reilly worries what will happen to Daytime. Day of Our Lives contract is up in 2009. He says that the soap opera industry has become very very tough for them financially. They also have some plans for 2009 saying that Conan O'Brien will take Jay Leno's spot. As far as Jay Leno goes they hope to make a deal with him to keep him at NBC.

My thoughts on this article are that I think that NBC has been doing well in TV up until the last five years. Recently NBC has taken a major plunge to viewing and ratings. I personally am a huge fan of ABC . I used to be a viewer of all the NBC shows, but like I said in the last five years have not been anything really to brag about. I think that NBC needs a new lineup of shows, and to try some out. Look at ABC they picked up Grey's Anatomy and that show is doing wonders for them. That is the most watch TV show out of all the networks. Now NBC daytime has gotten to be horrible. I am a huge daytime fan including the soap operas. I have been a long time fan of Days Of Our Lives, but since they have had new changes ; I haven't watched in four years.
NBC needs to get their act together as well as some of the other networks. I do believe that they can work harder to find that lineup that will give them the ratings that they need. With the announcment of the soap opera Passions being canceled this is their chance to put something in there that will boost the ratings.
Like the article said, I give Days Of Our Lives at least till 2009 and they are done. I am not saying that the other networks such as ABC are not struggling either. Once NBC figures some things out they will be fine. The question is how long will that take? Will it be too late??

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Today Show on NBC Getting 4th Hour??

This article is about The Today Show on NBC. They are going to add another hour on to broadcasting. The reason behind this is because recently NBC Daytime announced that Passions the soap opera has been cancelled. Now that they have that extra hour they are going to hope to boost the ratings by showing the usual things such as home, cooking, fashion and things of that nature. With adding the fourth hour on they hope that the ratings rise. The third hour was added on years ago to show more day to day things. Even though they have added a third hour The Today Show has dropped in ratings over the past couple of years. Their hopes are that they will get back up there with a additional hour. A worry that they have is since they are dropping in the third hour now that it is going to exactly the same thing in the fourth. The hosts and anchors will be the same for now and do not expect to hire any new people on. Matt Lauer is usually shown in the third hour to show the crowd and then leaves. Meredith Vieria is different because she appears on another show, so in her contract it says that she is prohibited from appearing regularly in the third, and fourth hour. The only concern that NBC has is what they are going to with Martha's show? The people that are in charge of her show emailed NBC the other day and wanted to know where they are going to fit her in. This new fourth our is slated to start next fall. My opinion, or take on this whole situation is why is The Today Show going to add another hour when they aren't doing to well in their third hour now? I am almost positive that they can find another person that would want to slate their talkshow in that spot. They need to consider about how much money they are wasting by adding on this fourth hour. Is it worth the money to start another hour? Or should they just find another way around it? I personally don't watch, The Today Show unless someone I am intrested is on it. I find it to be very boring, long, and a lot of people don't really sit there all morning and watch. Most people just sit and watch bits and pieces of it. The link to the article can be found here...... New York Times

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Monday, January 15, 2007

YouTube...... The New Way To Watch TV??

Need a clip of a show you missed? Missed a favorite episode of your favorite show? Go to and find clips there. This article mainly focuses on YouTube and the fact that anyone can post anything on there. The main concern is people that are posting movies from big names like Universal and NBC Studios. NBC has people everyday go on the site looking for clips that do not belong on there. On average every month they send 1,000 messages to people who post videos that do not belong to them on YouTube. Not only can Youtube hurt the industry by taking films that haven't come out yet, and put them on there it can also help them by creating a buzz about something happening in the media. In order to stop them from stealing things on the site that is not theirs they are creating an aggreement with YouTube to have them on there. Experts say that much of the content has nothing to do with Hollywood. They believe that on average there is about 30-70 percent of people downloading onto the site without the studios consent. Fox was one of the few who never said anything about videos from them being posted. They are now making an aggreement with YouTube to regulate that. The YouTube deal set aside as much as $200 million for potential copyright litigation. My opinion of this article is that I believe that YouTube should be getting permission from all the Studios and music foundations that they have taken videos from. As long as they have permission written in contract, I have no problem with it. Now people posting videos and then saying that it is their own rubs me the wrong way. I posted some videos not to long ago that I took from a fan event, and they have been put all over the internet with everyone taking credit for them. There should be better regulation going on that site. The people or owners who are in charge need to take action and promote the copyright policy. As long as there is permission, and people who take other clips must credit the person who posted the video there is no need for legal gestures. YouTube has gained popularity in the past 6 months alone. I must say that YouTube is one of my favorite websites. Anytime I need a clip from a show I know I can find it on that website.

Thursday, January 11, 2007


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