Monday, January 29, 2007

Urging Teens to Rein in Careless Driving

This article is about studies that have shown that driving with passengers for adults is safer. On the other hand teenagers that are driving with others it is more dangerous and the risk factor is greater. Highways are trying to change that with a series of public service announcements that is intended to persuade teenagers that it is OK to complain of the driver is going to fast or wild. Studies show that teenage drivers are at higher risk being in fatal car crashed when the number of passengers rise. In a study conducted in 1998 by David F. Preusser found that 16 year old drivers who were along in a car were more than twice as likely to have a fatal crash as middle-aged drivers. If there were passengers then they were nearly five times as likely to have a fatal crash. Penny Wells president and executive director of SADD said that seeing ads that encourage teenagers to speak up. There are numerous of ads that are going on now and they are making it realistic so young people and other aged people can see the consequences of careless driving. Their main concern at this point is to get careless drivers off the road and to prevent less car crashes.

My whole take on this article is I think that it is a great idea to promote ads. At this point in time we as a society need all the help we can get with promoting safe driving. I also do agree with everyone in saying that it is a lot safer for younger adults to have less people in the car with them. I know myself I get distracted easily if I have people in the car with me. So that means that I would be more prone to get into a accident. I don't agree with the fact that older adults are not as prone because they can be in danger just as much as young adults if not more. For example, if they have kids in the back seat that they are trying to take care of at the same time while driving, or kids crying in the back seat. So they are just as likely to be driving carelessly if not more. We still need to take more steps into promoting safe driving which include no drinking and driving. The bottom line is no matter how much we may promote and advertise for safe driving there are still tons of people who die everyday for careless driving.


Lady Shea said...

I believe it's a good idea to promote the cautions of riding with careless drivers. There are too many teenage drivers who aren't taught the correct rules of the road because many parents tend to just let their kids drive when they're not even ready. My father taught me how to drive over 2 years before letting me out on my own even though I had a brand new car sitting in the driveway. He went so far as to buying those orange cones so that I could learn how to park properly. Driving is all about awareness and experience which many drivers young and sometimes old don't have.

Amy said...

I agree that younger teens and adults tend to drive more recklessly when they have distractions like other friends yelling, doing illegal stuff, or just listening to the radio too loud. With all the commotion, it is easy to lose sight of the road. There are even more dangers when you involve alcohol and the tendency for young people to ride without seatbelts.

However, adults with children or babdies that are fighting, crying, or screaming for attention can also be distracted while driving, putting them at a high risk of having or causing an accident. A parent's instinct is to turn around and make sure their kids are safe, which means taking their eyes off the road. It is true that most adults drive alone or with a spouse or partner in the car with music at a normal level. Therefore, there are far less distractions than the object flying, high volume car rides involved in the other situations.

The commercial ads will be an eye opener, but just like with the controversial drug and drunk driving commercials, it may not affect the immaturity level or driving habits of the younger generation. At least it is a shot.

Jennifer said...

i think we should up the driving age. I prolly sound like a hypocrite because I was 16 when I started driving but I know lots of people that when I get into the car with them I just want to yell :"pull over and let me drive" I dont know how to solve this one. Like you said, we can promote ads and preach all we want but unsafe drivers are still getting behind the wheel of a car. Maybe we should make driving exams longer and have different kinds of distractions going on to see how people respond to them. Tied up with an older age to start driving I think there should be a age limit to stop driving. Once you hit a certain age, smaller things are harder to see and reaction time is slower. There is a speed limit for a reason and when the old man in front of you is doing 20 in a 65mph it just makes other drivers frustrated and encourages reckless driving. Alcohol is a whole other thing!!! People dont realize what kind of situation the jeopardy they put themselves and other people into when they've been drinking. I had a bad accident when someone in my family drove my sister and I drunk and it wasn't pretty. Luckily no one was hurt too badly but that person still drinks and I'm sure she still drives impaired...The law definately needs to be more strict.
<3 Jennifer