Saturday, January 20, 2007

NBC Says Ratings Are Gaining Momentum....

This article is talking about NBC and the recent changes that have been made in their morning lineup, daytime, and primetime lineup. They have been struggling for some time now, and at one point was said that Kevin Reilly was going to lose his job. He has had some new shows come on such as Heroes and other old ones that continue to create a buzz. They managed to have some of the same ratings as ABC and Fox. Since then they have dropped because the NFL is no longer broadcasted on NBC, and because of the returning hit show American Idol. Mr. Reilly has said in the past interviews that they are one show away from getting the ratings back. He believes that with the new Daytime lineup, and fall lineup with some new shows that NBC will get higher ratings. He is trying new things he said that a new show called Nobody's Watching was recently put on NBC website and has gotten on YouTube and has gained wide exposure. Their plan is to ultimatley put a batch of pilots on the internet and have the auidence weigh in on it, and get feedback from the viewers. The biggest area for concern currently is NBC Daytime Lineup. The recent announcment of the soap opera Passions being canceled, Mr. Reilly worries what will happen to Daytime. Day of Our Lives contract is up in 2009. He says that the soap opera industry has become very very tough for them financially. They also have some plans for 2009 saying that Conan O'Brien will take Jay Leno's spot. As far as Jay Leno goes they hope to make a deal with him to keep him at NBC.

My thoughts on this article are that I think that NBC has been doing well in TV up until the last five years. Recently NBC has taken a major plunge to viewing and ratings. I personally am a huge fan of ABC . I used to be a viewer of all the NBC shows, but like I said in the last five years have not been anything really to brag about. I think that NBC needs a new lineup of shows, and to try some out. Look at ABC they picked up Grey's Anatomy and that show is doing wonders for them. That is the most watch TV show out of all the networks. Now NBC daytime has gotten to be horrible. I am a huge daytime fan including the soap operas. I have been a long time fan of Days Of Our Lives, but since they have had new changes ; I haven't watched in four years.
NBC needs to get their act together as well as some of the other networks. I do believe that they can work harder to find that lineup that will give them the ratings that they need. With the announcment of the soap opera Passions being canceled this is their chance to put something in there that will boost the ratings.
Like the article said, I give Days Of Our Lives at least till 2009 and they are done. I am not saying that the other networks such as ABC are not struggling either. Once NBC figures some things out they will be fine. The question is how long will that take? Will it be too late??

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Lady Shea said...

Here's my opinion on this. I don't understand. These networks work so hard at getting their ratings up but the reallity is, it doesn't really matter. They have a following. People will always watch NBC. People will always watch FOX. People will always watch CBS. They're the veteran stations!
I'm not much of a TV watcher these days, but from what I can remember don't these networks create these hot, police-type, sex, drug, and drama filled shows, let them run for a season then they diappear into oblivion? Some of them stay, but a lot just don't make it to the Fall lineup or whatever the next season may be. I've always found that to be so confusing.
I don't know I might be mistaken. Anyway, Bill O Reily hopefully will be out of a job after this whole deal! Ha! No comment on that.