Monday, January 15, 2007

YouTube...... The New Way To Watch TV??

Need a clip of a show you missed? Missed a favorite episode of your favorite show? Go to and find clips there. This article mainly focuses on YouTube and the fact that anyone can post anything on there. The main concern is people that are posting movies from big names like Universal and NBC Studios. NBC has people everyday go on the site looking for clips that do not belong on there. On average every month they send 1,000 messages to people who post videos that do not belong to them on YouTube. Not only can Youtube hurt the industry by taking films that haven't come out yet, and put them on there it can also help them by creating a buzz about something happening in the media. In order to stop them from stealing things on the site that is not theirs they are creating an aggreement with YouTube to have them on there. Experts say that much of the content has nothing to do with Hollywood. They believe that on average there is about 30-70 percent of people downloading onto the site without the studios consent. Fox was one of the few who never said anything about videos from them being posted. They are now making an aggreement with YouTube to regulate that. The YouTube deal set aside as much as $200 million for potential copyright litigation. My opinion of this article is that I believe that YouTube should be getting permission from all the Studios and music foundations that they have taken videos from. As long as they have permission written in contract, I have no problem with it. Now people posting videos and then saying that it is their own rubs me the wrong way. I posted some videos not to long ago that I took from a fan event, and they have been put all over the internet with everyone taking credit for them. There should be better regulation going on that site. The people or owners who are in charge need to take action and promote the copyright policy. As long as there is permission, and people who take other clips must credit the person who posted the video there is no need for legal gestures. YouTube has gained popularity in the past 6 months alone. I must say that YouTube is one of my favorite websites. Anytime I need a clip from a show I know I can find it on that website.

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