Monday, January 29, 2007

Urging Teens to Rein in Careless Driving

This article is about studies that have shown that driving with passengers for adults is safer. On the other hand teenagers that are driving with others it is more dangerous and the risk factor is greater. Highways are trying to change that with a series of public service announcements that is intended to persuade teenagers that it is OK to complain of the driver is going to fast or wild. Studies show that teenage drivers are at higher risk being in fatal car crashed when the number of passengers rise. In a study conducted in 1998 by David F. Preusser found that 16 year old drivers who were along in a car were more than twice as likely to have a fatal crash as middle-aged drivers. If there were passengers then they were nearly five times as likely to have a fatal crash. Penny Wells president and executive director of SADD said that seeing ads that encourage teenagers to speak up. There are numerous of ads that are going on now and they are making it realistic so young people and other aged people can see the consequences of careless driving. Their main concern at this point is to get careless drivers off the road and to prevent less car crashes.

My whole take on this article is I think that it is a great idea to promote ads. At this point in time we as a society need all the help we can get with promoting safe driving. I also do agree with everyone in saying that it is a lot safer for younger adults to have less people in the car with them. I know myself I get distracted easily if I have people in the car with me. So that means that I would be more prone to get into a accident. I don't agree with the fact that older adults are not as prone because they can be in danger just as much as young adults if not more. For example, if they have kids in the back seat that they are trying to take care of at the same time while driving, or kids crying in the back seat. So they are just as likely to be driving carelessly if not more. We still need to take more steps into promoting safe driving which include no drinking and driving. The bottom line is no matter how much we may promote and advertise for safe driving there are still tons of people who die everyday for careless driving.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

NBC Says Ratings Are Gaining Momentum....

This article is talking about NBC and the recent changes that have been made in their morning lineup, daytime, and primetime lineup. They have been struggling for some time now, and at one point was said that Kevin Reilly was going to lose his job. He has had some new shows come on such as Heroes and other old ones that continue to create a buzz. They managed to have some of the same ratings as ABC and Fox. Since then they have dropped because the NFL is no longer broadcasted on NBC, and because of the returning hit show American Idol. Mr. Reilly has said in the past interviews that they are one show away from getting the ratings back. He believes that with the new Daytime lineup, and fall lineup with some new shows that NBC will get higher ratings. He is trying new things he said that a new show called Nobody's Watching was recently put on NBC website and has gotten on YouTube and has gained wide exposure. Their plan is to ultimatley put a batch of pilots on the internet and have the auidence weigh in on it, and get feedback from the viewers. The biggest area for concern currently is NBC Daytime Lineup. The recent announcment of the soap opera Passions being canceled, Mr. Reilly worries what will happen to Daytime. Day of Our Lives contract is up in 2009. He says that the soap opera industry has become very very tough for them financially. They also have some plans for 2009 saying that Conan O'Brien will take Jay Leno's spot. As far as Jay Leno goes they hope to make a deal with him to keep him at NBC.

My thoughts on this article are that I think that NBC has been doing well in TV up until the last five years. Recently NBC has taken a major plunge to viewing and ratings. I personally am a huge fan of ABC . I used to be a viewer of all the NBC shows, but like I said in the last five years have not been anything really to brag about. I think that NBC needs a new lineup of shows, and to try some out. Look at ABC they picked up Grey's Anatomy and that show is doing wonders for them. That is the most watch TV show out of all the networks. Now NBC daytime has gotten to be horrible. I am a huge daytime fan including the soap operas. I have been a long time fan of Days Of Our Lives, but since they have had new changes ; I haven't watched in four years.
NBC needs to get their act together as well as some of the other networks. I do believe that they can work harder to find that lineup that will give them the ratings that they need. With the announcment of the soap opera Passions being canceled this is their chance to put something in there that will boost the ratings.
Like the article said, I give Days Of Our Lives at least till 2009 and they are done. I am not saying that the other networks such as ABC are not struggling either. Once NBC figures some things out they will be fine. The question is how long will that take? Will it be too late??

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Today Show on NBC Getting 4th Hour??

This article is about The Today Show on NBC. They are going to add another hour on to broadcasting. The reason behind this is because recently NBC Daytime announced that Passions the soap opera has been cancelled. Now that they have that extra hour they are going to hope to boost the ratings by showing the usual things such as home, cooking, fashion and things of that nature. With adding the fourth hour on they hope that the ratings rise. The third hour was added on years ago to show more day to day things. Even though they have added a third hour The Today Show has dropped in ratings over the past couple of years. Their hopes are that they will get back up there with a additional hour. A worry that they have is since they are dropping in the third hour now that it is going to exactly the same thing in the fourth. The hosts and anchors will be the same for now and do not expect to hire any new people on. Matt Lauer is usually shown in the third hour to show the crowd and then leaves. Meredith Vieria is different because she appears on another show, so in her contract it says that she is prohibited from appearing regularly in the third, and fourth hour. The only concern that NBC has is what they are going to with Martha's show? The people that are in charge of her show emailed NBC the other day and wanted to know where they are going to fit her in. This new fourth our is slated to start next fall. My opinion, or take on this whole situation is why is The Today Show going to add another hour when they aren't doing to well in their third hour now? I am almost positive that they can find another person that would want to slate their talkshow in that spot. They need to consider about how much money they are wasting by adding on this fourth hour. Is it worth the money to start another hour? Or should they just find another way around it? I personally don't watch, The Today Show unless someone I am intrested is on it. I find it to be very boring, long, and a lot of people don't really sit there all morning and watch. Most people just sit and watch bits and pieces of it. The link to the article can be found here...... New York Times

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Monday, January 15, 2007

YouTube...... The New Way To Watch TV??

Need a clip of a show you missed? Missed a favorite episode of your favorite show? Go to and find clips there. This article mainly focuses on YouTube and the fact that anyone can post anything on there. The main concern is people that are posting movies from big names like Universal and NBC Studios. NBC has people everyday go on the site looking for clips that do not belong on there. On average every month they send 1,000 messages to people who post videos that do not belong to them on YouTube. Not only can Youtube hurt the industry by taking films that haven't come out yet, and put them on there it can also help them by creating a buzz about something happening in the media. In order to stop them from stealing things on the site that is not theirs they are creating an aggreement with YouTube to have them on there. Experts say that much of the content has nothing to do with Hollywood. They believe that on average there is about 30-70 percent of people downloading onto the site without the studios consent. Fox was one of the few who never said anything about videos from them being posted. They are now making an aggreement with YouTube to regulate that. The YouTube deal set aside as much as $200 million for potential copyright litigation. My opinion of this article is that I believe that YouTube should be getting permission from all the Studios and music foundations that they have taken videos from. As long as they have permission written in contract, I have no problem with it. Now people posting videos and then saying that it is their own rubs me the wrong way. I posted some videos not to long ago that I took from a fan event, and they have been put all over the internet with everyone taking credit for them. There should be better regulation going on that site. The people or owners who are in charge need to take action and promote the copyright policy. As long as there is permission, and people who take other clips must credit the person who posted the video there is no need for legal gestures. YouTube has gained popularity in the past 6 months alone. I must say that YouTube is one of my favorite websites. Anytime I need a clip from a show I know I can find it on that website.

Thursday, January 11, 2007


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