Thursday, January 18, 2007

Today Show on NBC Getting 4th Hour??

This article is about The Today Show on NBC. They are going to add another hour on to broadcasting. The reason behind this is because recently NBC Daytime announced that Passions the soap opera has been cancelled. Now that they have that extra hour they are going to hope to boost the ratings by showing the usual things such as home, cooking, fashion and things of that nature. With adding the fourth hour on they hope that the ratings rise. The third hour was added on years ago to show more day to day things. Even though they have added a third hour The Today Show has dropped in ratings over the past couple of years. Their hopes are that they will get back up there with a additional hour. A worry that they have is since they are dropping in the third hour now that it is going to exactly the same thing in the fourth. The hosts and anchors will be the same for now and do not expect to hire any new people on. Matt Lauer is usually shown in the third hour to show the crowd and then leaves. Meredith Vieria is different because she appears on another show, so in her contract it says that she is prohibited from appearing regularly in the third, and fourth hour. The only concern that NBC has is what they are going to with Martha's show? The people that are in charge of her show emailed NBC the other day and wanted to know where they are going to fit her in. This new fourth our is slated to start next fall. My opinion, or take on this whole situation is why is The Today Show going to add another hour when they aren't doing to well in their third hour now? I am almost positive that they can find another person that would want to slate their talkshow in that spot. They need to consider about how much money they are wasting by adding on this fourth hour. Is it worth the money to start another hour? Or should they just find another way around it? I personally don't watch, The Today Show unless someone I am intrested is on it. I find it to be very boring, long, and a lot of people don't really sit there all morning and watch. Most people just sit and watch bits and pieces of it. The link to the article can be found here...... New York Times


Amy said...

The Today show is adding a fourth hour, despite low ratings when a third was added. I can't make sense of how that is a smart move, and it seems you can't either.

The show hopes to discuss more topics like cooking and fashion, but there are already talk shows later in the day that do that same thing. If there is an hour time slot to fill, NBC needs to give it to a new show that could be a variety or talk show, or even more reasonable, an actual sitcom or drama. People do watch sitcoms and dramas in the late morning, not just in the afternoon and at night. It's hard to find one on at that time unless it's syndicated or reruns.

Just like a movie that drags on for far too long, it would be a lot more entertaining and satisfying if the show ends in a reasonable amount of time that people can sit through. Instead, they add too much extra and it gets overwhelming or boring and makes the ending not as satisfying.

It also costs more money to add another hour, and you are only losing viewers. Another point to make is that most working business people that have 8:00-5:00 jobs are working by the fourth hour, so the ones probably watching are the retired. I doubt many are concerned or keeping up with fashion, gossip, and cooking.

I can't imagine a fourth hour when the third hour is already going overboard. If you weigh the pros and cons, there are a lot more cons off that addition.

Jennifer said...

I have to say I agree as well. Mornings are hectic and most people only watch a glimpse of the Today show or listen to it while they getting ready for work or school. Adding a fourth hour to a show that gets watch in fragments doesn't make any sense you're right. I dont know too much about NBC but I do not alot of "Passions" fans and you would think the network itself would get more ratings with a good daytime soap.