Tuesday, February 27, 2007

MySpace: A way to Promote Yourself and Your Music???

This article is about a singer named Tila Nguyen who became famous last year for having 1.7 million friends on myspace. She is now trying to break into the mainstream music industry with her song I love you that is produced by rapper Lil Jon. They are trying to find out what the social networking and the music sales and see if they both have anything to do with each other. They are also trying to see if it will help boost her popularity. Myspace is known for so many bands posting their music, and trying to be known and become famous. Ms. Tequila has rejected many offers by record companies, and hopes to get famous by myspace alone. They are a few things that make them nervous with trying it out because it has never been done before. Now they will get to know her and her music. The only difference with her is that she does not have a history as a recording artist online that matches her popularity as a personality online. They are reluctant, but hope that everything works out just fine.

I think that Myspace is very addictive. I have one, and I am on it constantly. There are so many different things that you can do on there. Some things are like searching music, looking at new pictures, leaving comments, bulletins. Although I must say that everyone thinks just because they post their band they are going to become famous in 2 weeks. I know of one band that I read in a recent article of Rolling Stone did that and now they are known worldwide. The band is named Panic! At the Disco! I love them. Even though they said it hasn't been done the band said part of their fame came from myspace. I am just saying that because she is popular by her looks, and personality does not mean that she is also going to win them over when it comes to music. Myspace is for friends, and people to communicate easier and quicker. It is also used for music but not to really put yourself out there like some people tend to do. All I am saying is that not everyone can be a star overnight. Myspace is not the way to go about doing it, but if that is the way she wants it then what does she have to lose? Myspace has also become a huge deal in the media. People use it for everything it seems like. Advertising things, bands, jobs anything and everything you can imagine. It is a shame that we are all looking on myspace now for entertainment value and for many other purposes.

link is found here:http://www.nytimes.com/2007/02/26/technology/26tequila.html


leonne said...

I haven't visited My Space as of yet. I wonder if I am missing much. I have nothing to advertise or sell and I am not musically inclined. However, I am modestly opinionated. I think we have all heard stories about people wanting to be in the spotlight and some of the ridiculous ways they have attempted to attain that fame. I personally would not support any musician just because the had 1.7 million chat friends. I think it would be impossible to keep in touch with them. You would have to have a lot of time on your hands. I like to hear at least a few good songs or recordings to decide whether I like a recording artist. I agree My Space is not a good place to start.

* Jen * said...

I actually deleted my pages a couple of months ago. I constantly kept getting daily emails that other people were requesting my photobucket password (FREAKY STUFF). So I just decided to erase the whole thing. But I have to agree it is a great way to network. Through myspace I was able to keep in contact and find old friends. Also, the music pages are a great way to find out about concerts, new songs and new videos from an artist. Relying only on myspace for record sales I do not think it is going to happen. Yes, it will get an artisit attention and have the record companies calling. But ultimately the songs are what sells and make them money. No matter how cute an singer is I will not spend my $24.99 on his cd or even my computer memory on illegally downloading his music.

Gili said...

I think the whole thing is an odd concept. Yes, I agree MySpace is a great networking tool, however, I don't see why someone who is social and presses "Approve" to add a friend should make it up to the top of the music industry ladder. It doesn't equal out. If it is simply an experiment and she's just using myspace as a tool then thats one thing but if she's really trying to make it in the music industry she should try giving something more professional a shot.