Tuesday, March 13, 2007

1,000 Journalists Killed in 10 Years While Reporting

This article is about journalists that have been killed while reporting the news over the past 10 years. The victims are men mostly and are more likely to be shot and killed while investigating local issues instead of reporting from the battlefield. Since 2000 the annual tool has increased with 147 dying in 2005 followed by 167 fatalities last year. The three deadliest countries were Iraq, Russia, and Colombia. They think that killing a reporter is risk free. Most of the murders have never been prosecuted. The way I see it is what kind of message is that sending to people who want to become reporters? it seems to me that people who take these tasks head on like going to different part of the country really need to consider going before they leave. Another thing I don't understand is why do they only act that way over there? How come that stuff doesn't happen as much over here in the USA? How does this look on us? I think that it is crazy to think of that many people dying just because they were a reporter. Just think closely what kind of society do we live in today? It is just sad and depressing. That is all .

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Andrea Vrai said...

In our society, reporters have a very important function-to keep the government and big businesses honest, expose injustice and to inform the public about issues or items that are interesting or entertaining in some manner.
Our constitutional protections and specifically, the first amendment right to freedom of the press do, not extend globally. Students considering journalism as a career should be aware of the dangers that lurk outside our boarders in the world for those who would expose the truth and appreciate the valuable freedoms we are privileged to enjoy in the United States.

leonne said...

I know that the papazzi takes a beating,trying to get that special photo. And I have seen via TV news quite a few reporters get poked or punch for asking over the line questions. But the silliness should stop there. Killing a reporter really steps over the line. In today's world it almost seems like killing is an option. As to why reporters or journalist don't mind traveling aboard, it really believe it is money. That all mighty dollar is very enticing. If they happen to get that big exclusive story...more money. Greed tends to make people do out of the ordinary things.