Monday, April 16, 2007

MGM Will Offer Its Films on iTunes

This article is about MGM offering its films on Itunes now. The deal was announced on Wednesday , and builds the iTunes catalog to more than 500 movies. They are offering movies like "Mad Max", "Rocky," and will add other movies to iTunes in coming weeks.
Apple's online store began offering movie downloads in September. The company started the feature initially with films from Walt Disney, but they have also signed deals with other major studios since then. Some of them include Paramount Pictures and Lionsgate Entertainment. The only one that is missing from iTunes are films from Sony Pictures, Universal Studios and Warner Brothers which have already started distributing movies to other services such as Wal-mart Stores and
iTunes still regins as the world's most popular online movie store with more than two million movies sold.
Most movies on iTunes ar 9.99 to download. The exception is to older movies which are 4.99 to download.

I think that this is a great idea. I also think that Sony, WB, and the other companies that have not jumped on the bandwagon need to. Not only is this good for Apple it is also advertising for the other companies that is giving permission to download them onto I-Pods. I have an I-pod and love to download all kinds of movies on there. It is very convenient and it saves a lot of time instead of downloading them and using the program to convert it onto your I-pod. More and more people are getting video I-pods now because they offer so many great things to watch. I think that having one with movies on it is great to watch on planes and car rides. As far as offering movies, I think that the other major companies that need to do so. Then there will definitely be some competition. They almost have everything on iTunes except show for the much younger audiences. I am sure within the next year they might have some on there.

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Andrea Vrai said...

I agree-this is yet another great step in the synergy of entertainment. All our gadgets are being funneled into one device. The digital world is evolving so fast.