Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Microsoft Attacks Google on Copyright

This article is about Microsoft and they are going to take a blistering attack on rival Google. They argued that web search leader took a cavalier approach to copyright protection. Associate general counsel of Microsoft Thomas Rubin argues that Google's move into new media markets has come at the expense of publishers of book, videos and software. Rubin also argues that companies create no content of their own, and make money solely on the backs of other people's content, are ranking in billions through advertising revenue and IPOs. Google takes the position that everything may be freely copied unless the copyright owner notifies Google and tells them to stop. He also invoked criticism that Google has faced since its acquisition of YouTube, which has come under fire from media companies for allowing copyright infringement of professionally produces video. David Drummond Google's senior vice president for corporate said in response that Google worked with more than 10,000 publishing partners to make books searchable online and recently added the BBC and YouTube, and NBA as video partners.

I think that if there is no consent or form saying that you have permission to use something then it should not be taken from.Copyright infringement is starting to become a huge deal especially when it comes to websites such as YouTube, and things of that nature. I think that Google should have some kind of documentation showing that they did have permission and didn't just steal or take something. The whole copyright thing as a whole to me is starting to get out of hand. I can understand the major broadcasting companies trying to keep what rightfully belongs to them, but still even then people don't care and do things anyways. I also think that the laws for copyright need to become more enforced so maybe then it will stop happening as often.

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* Jen * said...

Copyright laws are getting out of control. It seems that now a days that is all people are doing is looking for ways to sue other companies. I remember when google first appeared no one was investing in their stock but in yahoo. And now as we see more more people are regretting that decision. I think no matter what there is always going to be a way that people are going to be breaking copyright laws from youtube, to limewire, to google. Even teachers break copyright laws in photocopying books all we need is Random House coming to schools across the nation and serving them with lawsuits.

leonne said...

Wow! This is a great blog to comment on. I think that if you are the founder or inventor of anything. I mean that literally, you should have the 100% rights to it. Stealing is legally and morally wrong. I don't see a drawn line anywhere here. What is yours is indeed yours. I am sure that some ideas or things that have not been identified as yours can be re-done or re-printed. We have laws for offenders that break these laws. This is not the past where people can steal your idea, but there are so many people looking for a good idea and you come up with one and they try to improvise on yours and then try to sell it. In my mind this is a crime. All that time wasted on making copyright laws doesnt' mean a thing if it isn't enforced. Please let us enforce it. You may be the next one to come up with something different. Don't let someone rob you of your idea.