Tuesday, March 27, 2007

And Now, a Commercial Break That Doesn’t Seem Like One

This article is about making commericals better on ABC. Their goal is to encourage viewers to stick around rather than getting up for a snack, or stop watching altogether. The recently had a meeting to show some of their ideas and ways to hold the auidence the best that they can. They want to bring the audiences right to the commercial so they dont feel they have gone into the commercial said Mr. Michael Shaw the president for sales and marketing at ABC.
His theory is the more commericals that are being seen the more value you are to the advertisers.
If ABC changes how they show, and present commercials breaks during big shows like Lost, and Desperate Housewives, and Grey's Anatomy they get more viewers, and more people that will like to advertise and have their commercials on there. CW is selling commercials that resemble programs with the sponsor's products incorporated into the plots.
On cable tv such as VH1 they are putting snippets and spots ina way that it is intended to lead the viewers through the commerical pods to the moment the show came back.
Without change they don't know how long television can be sustainable as an adverstising medium said Andrew Jung senior director for advertising and media services and the Kellogg Company. The bottom line is that they need a way to attract the viewers and make them want to watch commericals!

My opinion on this whole subject is I hate commercials. I am going to say Thank God for DVR's because without them then; I would have to be forced to watch commercials. Now all you have to do is click on one button and it goes to the show and no commercials. I know that back in the day you would fast forward it which took so much time. I am happy that we have DVR's now. I am thinking that in order for people to be intreseted in these commercials they better catch the viewers eye somehow. Like they said in the article maybe if they put famous celebrity's in the commericals like Patrick Dempesy then more people would watch. I personally would. I also know that a lot of my friends, and I watch a ton of TV and commercials are such a pain and sometimes we tape the show just so we don't have to sit through commercials. They better start thinking of good ideas, and ways to advertise or they are going to be hurting bad in the advertising and commercial area. What does that mean for people who want to advertise things. When I am forced to sit through a show; I see the same advertisment at least four times and that bugs the crap out of me. So the solution is to think of a better more appealing way or they are going to lose viewers altogther.
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leonne said...

I certainly do agree that seeing the same commercial over and over again during the same show. Well, it just about unbearable and I want to walk away. So many of the commericials are unpleasing. I don't want some commericial telling how many nights I won't be able to sleep unless I take their drugs, or how many time I will get indigestion if I don't take their medicine. I am surprised that there aren't more hypocondriacs in the world from listening to these commericials. In my opinion, I think advertisers should play their commericials once or twice a day to a targeted segment of the population. Another way is to have one commericial during each half-hour. Pounding their product and product name doesn't necessarily make us want to run out and buy it. We do need to hear or see advertising on some medium in order to make wise choices in our purchasing. Making a commericial interesting might at least get our attention.

Andrea Vrai said...

Whenever there is a fundamental change in media the mode of advertising within it must alter as well. Modern consumers are accustomed to fast-forwarding and digital recorders that edit out commercial breaks. They want instant gratification in their pursuit of entertainment. Advertisers are using product placement within programs instead of in commercial breaks to focus consumer’s attention. The savvier the consumers become the harder advertisers must work to subtly inspire desire.