Tuesday, February 20, 2007

JetBlue Begins Reimbursing Stranded Passengers

This article is about Jet Blue and how they left tons of passengers stranded at the JFK airport in New York this past week. Mr. David Neelman chief executive was humiliated and mortified by the issues. They have agreed to send everyone either a free flight in place of the inconvenience or just give them free flyer miles. Mr. Neelman has promised to get better management and train more staff to qualify and perform crucial functions, and buy equipment needed to avoid stranding passengers or delaying them. They have agreed to certain things. There are other things that can not be helped in any way such as weather, air traffic control, and maintenance problems. In the case of departures that are delayed one to two hours, for example, passengers would get $25 off a future flight.For a delay of two to four hours, the passenger would receive $50 off a future flight. With delays of more than six hours, passengers would be entitled to a free round-trip flight. Jet Blue canceled more than 1,000 flights during the last week. Mostly after Wednesday when the ice storm hit. Today Neelman says that they will be tracking crew on every canceled flight so they can easily redirect to another flight. The airlines inability to locate and assign new flights to a huge number of problems and is what caused the main delays.

I think that Jet Blue is way too cheap and for that reason I don't fly them. You know there is something wrong when they charge one way ticket's to New York for 72 dollars. That just doesn't make sense to me. I also thought when they first came out that they were too goo to be true. I knew there was always something fishy with that airline. I think that they are trying way to hard to compete with other airline and in the process they are ruining their rep. All I know is that they better get their act together unless they want to go out of business. I would rather pay more many for a flight I know that will get me to my destination rather than taking a cheap one and being stranded.

More on this article is here http://www.nytimes.com/2007/02/20/business/20jetblue.html?pagewanted=2&_r=1&ref=business


leonne said...


leonne said...

I am not a frequent flyer. I rarely fly. I do understand the problems that they are having with the inclement weather and repairs. This is not just an airline problem, the land transportation is just susceptible to those problems. Passengers at the airport at least have the airport building to return to if the flight is delay. When traveling on land and finding bad weather you could find yourself out in the middle of nowhere, with no where to retreat for food or lodging.
I agree about the price,because if the price is too cheap, maybe so is the flight.

* Jen * said...

YOu get what you pay for should be their slogan. I am sure that not every flight has delays, but if you think about: the airline tickets are cheap which would equal to low wages. It is sad to say it but people who get low wages often care less about their jobs. I have never flied with Jet Blue and I probably never will. I would advice them to start correcting their problems.